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The 464th Bomb Group in WWII - Flak

  • 464th Organizational Chart
    Contributed to our web site by Alfred C. "Nick" Nicholson (779th) and Robert Hoskinson (778th). Left click on the link to open the Chart in Adobe Acrobat .pdf file format in a new browser window. Close that window to return to this page.

  • Aircraft Data Detail
    Aircraft specifics that have been researched and compiled by Robert Hoskinson (464th, 778).

  • The Tower, 1944-45
    The Tower was the 464th BG's camp newsletter. It was published from 1944-45. These .pdf copies of the original newsletters have been compiled and submitted by Robert Hoskinson (464th, 778).

  • Allies
    Links to stories and photos from European friends of the 464th.

  • Featured Artists
    Link to an index of art galleries featuring the 464th and WWII.

  • Featured Authors
    Link to an index of authors whose works feature the 464th Bomb Group.

  • The Flightline
    Link to miscellaneous data that may, or may not, be historically accurate.

  • MACRs
    Missing Aircraft Crew Reports that have been transcribed and compiled by Robert Hoskinson (464th, 778).

  • NMRs - Updated
    Narrative Mission Reports that have been digitized and contributed by Robert Hoskinson (464th, 778).

  • Maps
    A map of Italy; an inset of BG bases in Italy and links to other maps on the internet.

  • Medals
    Copies of citations and medals earned by the members of the 464th.

  • Short Rounds
    Bits and pieces of information from various 464th BG members, our family and friends.

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