[Graphic] Snapshots from the 464th Bombardment Group.
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Our Insignia

464th Squadron Color Designations

    Each bomber in each squadron had a letter on its fuselage in its squadron's designated color. For example, (links will open in a new window) the Black "N" - Nan had a black "N" in a white box on both sides of her fuselage. The black "N" indicates that she was from the 779th as their squadron color designation was black.

776th, the Red Squadron 777th, the Yellow Squadron 778th, the White Squadron 779th, the Black Squadron

    If you look, you'll also notice that Black "N" - Nan has no tail markings (as shown below on the bottom-right). She was an "Intruder" aircraft, which was used for bad weather missions with bombings by radar, these were referred to as "single ship" missions.

The Fifteenth Air Force and the 464th Shield

The 15th Air Force Logo    The 15th Air Force Shield    The 15th Air Force Logo    The 464th's Shield   

Our Flight Jacket Patches

Left click on the jacket patch to view a larger version.
[Photo] 464th flight jacket patch - the 778th.

The 778th's patch.

[Photo] 464th flight jacket patch - the 779th.

The 779th's patch. The story (via Mike Moyna, 779th) goes that this patch was designed by Jimmy Litzenburger's wife because the 779th bombardiers were last in accuracy during Group training at Pocatello Air Base in '43. Any rebuttal from the 779th bomb aimers?

Our Tail Marking

[Graphic] An illustration of a 464th B24. The 464th Tail Marking       The 464th Tail Marking

Left click on the B24 image to view a larger version.

This information was reproduced with the permission of Tony Schneider, Secretary/NL Editor (464th, 776), from the 464th newsletters and pamphlets. The 15th's color patch, the flight jacket patch, the 464th B24 illustration and the tail marking (first and second from the left) were provided by Robert Hoskinson (464th, 778).

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