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Links to WWII sites and various other web pages of interest

  • The 320th Bombardment Group
    This site is dedicated to those who served in the 320th Bomb Group (Medium) in World War II. The site chronicles the history of the 320th. They flew B-26 Marauders.

  • The 446th BG
    This website chronicles the history of the 446th, whose men bravely served in Europe during World War II. They offer stories written by their members and a memorial to the over 500 flyers whose missions never ended. You can read about the missions they flew over Nazi occupied Europe and about their famous B-24 Liberators.

  • Access Genealogy
    Access the state, then select "World War II Casualties" for the WWII casualty status listings.

  • The American Battle Monuments Commission
    This site has a database maintained by American Battle Monuments in Commission for searching for World War II casualties that were buried overseas. [Type the squadron number in the "Unit" search field. Each squadron searched will reveal a listing of personnel from the squadron, cemetery, and/or MIA]. The Cemeteries are American Maintained cemeteries, and this database does not include the names of those returned to the USA for burial.

  • Army Air Corps Museum
    The Army Air Corps Library and Museum is dedicated to the men and women of the Army Air Forces - Army Air Corps of 1907-1947. Their dedication and devotion to country is a rich history worth preserving. Their service and sacrifices shall never be forgotten.

  • ArmyAirCorps.us
    The purpose of our group is to represent and honor those who served with the U.S. Army Air Forces during WWII. Through public events we hope to educate the public about this period in history through living history displays, exhibitions of artifact collections, public ceremonies and events, and educational programs. Our group attends air shows, parades, veteran's reunions, and other functions in period uniforms. Our mission is to preserve history, as well as the artifacts of that period, and pass down to future generations that these veterans paid a price to preserve our freedom.

  • ArmyAirForces.com
    ArmyAirForces.com's purpose is to provide the information that you need to research the USAAF of W.W.II. Three major features help accomplish this, 1) our database of all combat units, based off of Maurer's data, 2) a comprehensive forum system, 3) and our research help page. The site is in a state of constant growth we are currently averaging over 2,500 unique visitors to the website every day.

  • Army Transportation During the Invasion of Normandy
    This site offers a concise synopsis of the Battle of Normandy and many links to other sites that offer more information about D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.

  • A Soldier Died Today
    "Just A Common Soldier" ("A Soldier Died Today") is a poem that was written and then published in 1985 by A. Lawrence Vaincourt. It was later included in his collection, "Rhymes and Reflection". You'll find the original text of his poem, as well as more information about the poet, on this website.

  • B-24 Best Web
    A comprehensive and extensive archive and research resource site on the B-24 bomber. It includes over 1600 photos and has a "user friendly" search for its pages.

  • Battle of the Bulge Memories
    Various authors have contributed a variety of articles and a couple of downloadable books written about the Battle of the Bulge. This site also offers several photo galleries and links to other resources. They have included articles about pertinent cemeteries, museums and monuments. The web content is offered in several languages.

  • Brooks Aviation Art
    Fine aviation art by the world's leading artists. Brooks Aviation Art has been supplying aviation art collectors with fine art prints and paintings for over 20 years. Their web site offers the ability to conveniently view a huge selection of the best in aviation art, they encourage you to call with any questions, comments or requests. They're here to answer your questions and assist in any way they can.

  • The Flight Officer
    At 14 years old, Kimberly Lindner began to study the USAAF during the Second World War. The author found a photograph of a young aviator in a book and over a decade later - Lindner finished a book about the young aviator's life. Lindner built a website to share the aviator's story with people around the world - as a tribute to Little Joe Noyes’s short but inspiring life, and as a gathering place for others around the world who spend their free time searching historical archives and military databases for the names and stories of countless young servicemen who will never be forgotten.

  • Frank Ambrose's 464th & 465th BG B24 Nose Art
    Primarily a tribute to the 781st of the 465th BG, there is a wealth of WW II information and many photos pertaining to other groups, too. This link goes directly to some information and photos about the 464th.

  • Grandfather Stories
    World War II was a wild and crazy time. Flying B-24 bombers was a crazy business, but over the last ten years or so, the author, Hal Wilder, has been recalling and recording stories about it all. He was with the 485th BG at Vinosa, then, later at Spinnozola. Some of Wilder's stories may be found on this web site. The rest are published in Grandfather Stories, MORE Grandfather Stories, or waiting as he writes STILL More Grandfather Stories.

  • The Halyard Operation
    Operation Halyard is a little known episode which took place over about a week in June 1944 from Pranjani, Serbia. At that time, Serbian Chetnik guerrillas, led by Gen. Draza Mihailovich, with the assistence of American OSS liasion officers on the ground, organized and carried out the largest rescue of downed American airmen in U.S. Air Force history.

  • Historic Wendover Airfield
    The Historic Wendover Airfield in Utah is where the 464th was activated. This site is full of relevant information, historical data and photos.

  • Interesting WWII Facts About Air Warfare
    If you are a World War Two facts history buff, you know that air warfare plays a pivotal role. Did you know what invention changed air warfare dramatically in World War II? Do you know the size of the Japanese air attack on Pear Harbor? Find the answers to these and other questions at military.answers.com.

  • Jack Edmond's Tulln Roster
    This website deals with Tulln Air Base activities during the years of 1945-1955. Tulln Air Base, now Fliegerhorst Brumowski, was located deep in the Russian Occupation Zone, west-northwest of Vienna (WIEN), Austria and just south of the Danube River next to the village of Langenlebarn. Jack offers readers the Tulln Air Base history, stories and reunion information on his site.

  • Kilroy Was Here
    A site dedicated to the men and women of past conflicts. This site consists of many sub-sites that offer tidbits of information on the various wars as well as explanations of the origins of the myths and legends that circulated in war time - including (naturally) "Kilroy Was Here".

  • The Logbook
    The Logbook magazine website offers many fine historical aviation articles, photos and general information about flying and flight. They also publish a "hard copy" magazine that they sell subscriptions to through the website.

  • Lt. Joseph P. Gomer, Tuskagee Airman
    "Honor thy Father: A Tuskegee Airman" was originally created as a gift from Phyllis Gomer Douglass, to her father for Christmas 1997. This site is updated frequently with new information, comments, and inspirational stories from people all over the world.

  • March 1945 Project
    This website has been established to furnish information about the events of March 4, 1945 when Allied Forces during World War Two unintentionally bombed the Szombathely Cathedral. These web pages contain information that has been obtained from U.S. Air Force records and microfilm archives both in the United States and in Szombathely, Hungary.

  • The Meosthelioma Center
    The Mesothelioma Center at www.asbestos.com provides a complete list of occupations, ships, and shipyards that could have put our Veterans at risk for developing asbestos-related diseases. In addition, they have thousands of articles regarding asbestos and mesothelioma and they've even created a veterans-specific section on their website to help inform our vets about the dangers of asbestos exposure. The Mesothelioma Center is an organization devoted to assisting veterans through their application processes for VA benefits, and helping them obtain the maximum benefits for which they are entitled.

  • The Military Order of the Purple Heart
    The (nationwide) organization for combat-wounded veterans is chartered by the Congress of the United States. This (local) Texas Capital Chapter has nearly six hundred members throughout the state. They have dedicated a portion of the site to Purple Heart recipients - including one of the 464th's own - James M. Inks, author of Eight Bailed Out.

  • My Father's Story: Staff Sgt. John T. Dempsey
    This web site is dedicated to and tells the story of one of our own - S/Sgt. John Dempsey. Dempsey served as a nose-turret gunner in the 776th Squadron, 464th Bombardment Group, 15th Air Force during WWII. The site features not only his story but several vintage photos and a video interview with one of his original crewmates, Staff Sgt./Flight Engineer Clarence W. "Red" Eudaily.

  • National WWII Memorial
    The National World War II Memorial will be the first national memorial dedicated to all who served during World War II. This site contains pages of information about the memorial site, it's design, photos and a video tour.

  • ObituariesHelp.org
    Is an informative and respected website designed to offer free resources for obituaries, funerals and genealogy research. It is geared for both experienced and novice genealogists. Resources include links to online obituaries, old newspapers (archived by state), funeral planning guides, sample sympathy letters and eulogy poems, as well free family tree and genealogy forms available for download as .pdf files.

  • Pick a Trail
    This website is an online guide that takes the reader across the southwest of England, where planning for WWII's D-Day occurred and where thousands of American and British soldiers embarked for D-Day.

  • RAF Liberator Squadrons
    of 205 Group, SEAC, Coastal Command and Commonwealth Airforces
    This RAF website features a very well done and detailed cutaway of the B24. Visitors to the site are able to click on a portion of the full cutaway to see the selected section in greater detail. RAF has listed each specific detail featured in the close-up. There is a wide variety of pictures and information contained in this site.

  • The Red Tail Project
    The Red Tail Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to tell the inspiring story of America's first black fighter pilots, the Tuskegee Airmen. How these individuals overcame adversity and fought for victory at home and abroad during World War II is an important chapter in our nation's history. Read one 464th member's story about Brown's Crew and the Red Tails.

  • Shorpy
    Shorpy is an online archive of thousands of high-resolution photos from the 1850s to the 1950s. Their namesake, Shorpy Higginbotham, was a teenage coal miner who lived 100 years ago. The site allows visitors to browse the huge collection of vintage photos and to post comments. (A friend of mine found a WWII photo of her father here!)

  • Stalag Luft IV, 1944-45
    The late Leonard E. Rose, of Lawrence, Ind., was an ex-Kriegie from Stalag Luft IV. In 1975 he had 35 names and addresses of Luft IV POWs, today the total goal of 10,000 has been reached. This site was authored by Rose and is now maintained by www.b24.net in his memory.

  • Tuskagee Airmen, Inc.
    Part of Tuskagee Airmen, Inc.'s mission is to honor the accomplishments and perpetuate the history of African-Americans who participated in air crew, ground crew and operations support training in the Army Air Corps during WWII.

  • www.uniforms-4u.com
    Our web store provides active duty and retired servicemen with military dress uniforms, medals and insignias. About half of our organization consists of hard working US combat veterans. We supply medals for World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, and Afganistan.

  • USAAF Swiss Internees
    As the Allied Strategic Air Offensive increased in scope, many crippled U.S. aircraft sought refuge in neutral Switzerland. By the end of World War II, over 1,500 American soldiers had entered Switzerland in such a manner and were interned by the Swiss government. This website shares information about the camps, an aircraft list, personal stories of the men interned there and other data.

  • WW2 Database
    The World War II Database is founded and managed by C. Peter Chen as an extension of his personal history notebook. This goal of the site is to offer interesting and useful information about World War II. At the time this link was posted (in May 2010), WW2DB had 566 biographies, 233 events, 528 ships, 215 aircraft models, 109 vehicle models, 212 weapon models, 39 historical documents, 156 book reviews and 8665 photos (925 in color) on their website.

  • WWII Letters Blog
    The WWII Letters blog author's interest in military correspondence began upon the receipt of a letter from a son who was serving “over there.” After reading it, the author determined that this was a small piece of history. and began to collect letters and share them with the world via a weblog (blog). For anyone interested in history, once you start reading them, it is hard to stop. The author also has a nice collection of photos. The author would love to hear from people who had family who served in WWII, so if you have a letter, photos, or stories about family who served, and would like to have them posted on the blog, the author would consider it an honor to do so. You may contact him via the email address on the blog.

  • (National) WWII Memorial
    The National World War II Memorial honors the 16 million who served in the armed forces of the U.S., the more than 400,000 who died, and all who supported the war effort from home. Symbolic of the defining event of the 20th Century, the memorial is a monument to the spirit, sacrifice, and commitment of the American people. The site has photos, a registry and reunion list.

  • WWII Posters
    Certainly the term propaganda when applied to World War II (WWII), if not in general, brings many negative connotations. While loaded, however, the term also applies to many positive messages during WWII and previous eras. Propaganda is media generally produced by the government to influence attitudes, but is not intrinsically false, brainwashing, though the term has become loaded as a result of such uses. During WWII many governments facing extinction used propaganda; mostly posters, as a means of communication with the public. This site lists many resources for WWII era posters.

  • WWII Women
    Young women put aside their everyday street attire to change into uniforms of the service, they worked in factories, built war planes, and assisted their fellow servicemen during the second World War.
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