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The 464th Bomb Group in WWII - Flak

Our Group Newsletters - 1944-1945

      There are links to various issues of three different 464th Bombardment Group newsletters on this page. Please left click on a newsletter issue number, below, to open the file you wish to view. These are .pdf files that will open in the Adobe Acrobat Reader in a new window. Close that window to return to this page.

The Bomb Blast

A 464th Bomb Group Newsletter
Cpl. M. Feldman, Editor
The 464th's Bomb Blast Newsletter.

Vol. 1 Issue 1   (848 kb)
Headlines: "Red Army Blitzing!"; "How're We Doing?"; "Uneasy Rests the Crown".
Published July 15, 1944.

Vol. 1 Issue 2   (968 kb)
Headlines: "Herky Heads Home"; "Allies Push Forward in Normandy - Slow But Quite Sure"; "What's Cookin'".
Published July 22, 1944.

Vol. 1 Issue 3   (848 kb)
Headlines: "Teutons Toppling"; "Historical Repetition?"; "Electric Pilot Used in Fortress Bombings".
Published July 29, 1944.

Vol. 1 Issue 4   (1.06 Mb)
Headlines: "GIs To Vote!"; "Chaplain's Flimsy"; "Hits and Errors".
Published August 5, 1944.

Vol. 1 Issue 5   (1.0 Mb)
Headlines: "All Front Advancing"; "Nazi Generals Don't Feel Very Well!!!"; "Scoops and Poop from the Squads".
Published August 12, 1944.

Vol. 1 Issue 6   (940 kb)
Headlines: "Allies Continue Advance"; "CO's Commentary"; "Pieces from Here and There".
Published August 19, 1944.

Vol. 1 Issue 7   (1.04 Mb)
Headlines: "Allies Smash Ahead"; "What's Wrong With The Germans?"; "The Wailin' Wall".
Published August 26, 1944.

The Putt-Putt

A 464th Bomb Group
776th Squadron Newsletter

Issue 1:
S/Sgt. John F. Kennedy, Editor
Issues 2 and 3:
Sgt. Vance M. Edwards, Editor
The 776th's Putt-Putt Newsletter.

Vol. 1 Issue 1   (468 kb)
Headlines: "Thisa and Thata": Squadron commended for sending home $18,175; "Roar of the Line": Battle for the b**** of the week; "The Wailing Wall": Beer being chiseled in the officer's club.
Publishing date unknown, possibly beginning of Nov. 1944

Vol. 1 Issue 2   (362 kb)
Headlines: "The Wailing Wall": Flying personnel want a leave duty schedule; "Down the Line": Why did the night Wheel in the Engineering Dept. shave off the folingo under his nose? "Thisa and Thata": A big Jamboree is scheduled to be held Thanksgiving Day at the EM Service Club.
Publishing date unknown, possibly the middle of Nov. 1944

Vol. 1 Issue 3   (444 kb)
Headlines: "The Wailing Wall": Requesting a review of club leadership. "Thisa and Thata": "I hear a braying from over in the direction of the 'Screeching Wall'..."; (Illegible column head) Column by Sgt. John H. Shelby: The men from the squadron are considering the formation of a club to discuss and debate current issues.
Publishing date unknown. Appears to be the end of Nov. 1944

The Tower

A 464th Bomb Group Newsletter
Chaplain Eastwood, Editor
The Tower newsletter.

Vol. 1 Issue 2   (1.06 Mb)
Headlines: "Scrooge or Santa Clause," "Meet Chaplain McCahey," "Suffer little children to come unto Me, For of such is the kingdom of heaven"
Published on 26 November 1944

Vol. 1 Issue 3   (890 kb)
Headlines: "Out Of The Mud," "What Are We Doing Here Anyway," "Where Free Men
Published on 03 December 1944

Vol. 1 Issue 4   (857 kb)
Headlines: "464th Leads Wing," "Group 5 Grabs A Close One," "Chow Line Chatter" by A Seventy-Niner
Published on 10 December 1944

Vol. 1 Issue 5   (0.98 Mb)
Headlines: "Meet The Wheels," "A Bundle Of Sticks," "The Music Box"
Published on 17 December 1944

Vol. 1 Issue 6   (1.19 Mb)
Headlines: "The Greatest Gift," "Inside the Seventy-Seventh," "Meet The Boys" by Joe Stewart
Published on 24 December 1944

Vol. 1 Issue 7   (633 kb)
Headlines: "GI Joes Thrill Bambinos, Thousand Kids Pack Theatre For Christmas Gifts," "Con Molto Espressione," "One World"
Published on 31 December 1944

Vol. 1 Issue 8   (920 kb)
Headlines: "Storm Shatters Shoo-Shoo, Queen of the Skies Finds Snowy Grave," "Group 5 Takes 5," "Good Will Toward Men"
Published on 08 January 1945

Vol. 1 Issue 9   (1.25 Mb)
Headlines: "With Malice Towards None," "Waste," "Beauty"
Published on 14 January 1945

Vol. 1 Issue 10   (443 kb)
Headlines: "Stars," "Meet the Cogs,"by Joe Stewart, "A Letter Home"
Published on 21 January 1945

Vol. 1 Issue 11   (609 kb)
Headlines: "Our Neighbors in White," "Stop Thief!," "Be Your Own Fortune Teller" by
Published on 28 January 1945

Vol. 1 Issue 12   (656 kb)
Headlines: "Stand Down," by Capt. Allen Orton, "Bored? Here's Your Answer," "Hobnobbing With Headquarters"
Published on 04 February 1945

Vol. 1 Issue 13   (602 kb)
Headlines: "Suppose It Were You?," "So, You Want a Puppy," "A Year Ago, Remember?" by Capt. Kieling
Published on 11 February 1945

Vol. 1 Issue 14   (636 kb)
Headlines: "Merit Recognized," "The Oxygen Check," "One Out Of 365"
Published on 18 February 1945

Vol. 1 Issue 15   (607 kb)
Headlines: "Divided We're Conquered," "Have You Read?," by William L. White, "Crews In The Blue"
Published on 25 February 1945

Vol. 1 Issue 16   (836 kb)
Headlines: "Observations," "A Statement of Intentions," "The Human Soul"
Published on 04 March 1945

Vol. 1 Issue 17   (610 kb)
Headlines: "Hitler Should Not Die," "What It'll Be Like," "Chaplain's Flimsy" by Chaplain Eastwood
Published on 11 March 1945

Vol. 1 Issue 18   (1.23 Mb)
Headlines: "Have You Prepared For The Future?," "Jewish Passover," "778th Wins Table Tennis Title - Become Wing Champs"
Published on 18 March 1945

Vol. 1 Issue 19   (699 kb)
Headlines: "Low Level Man Gains Altitude - Col. A.J. Bird, Jr., New Group Commander," "The Earth Movers," "Easter Parade"
Published on 25 March 1945

Vol. 1 Issue 20   (615 kb)
Headlines: "He Is Risen," "A Large Mind," "Espenshade In Checker Finals"
Published on 01 April 1945

Vol. 1 Issue 21   (662 kb)
Headlines: "What's That Car?," "Ideas Have Legs," "A Nocturnal Phantasy" by JKG
Published on 08 April 1945

Vol. 1 Issue 22   (633 kb)
Headlines: "Comes A Time," "Our Post Express," "Inside the 77th" by
Published on 15 April 1945

Vol. 1 Issue 23   (638 kb)
Headlines: "The Silent Guardian," "Spirit of '76," "After The War, Then What?" by T/Sgt. Harry Kaplan
Published on 22 April 1945

Vol. 1 Issue 24   (647 kb)
Headlines: "The Silent Guardian, Part II," "See For Yourself," "Information and Education"
Published on 29 April 1945

     These newsletters have been archived by the government. Copies of these newsletters were obtained from the Air Force Historical Research Agency, Maxwell Field, AL by Robert "Bob" Hoskinson (464th BG, 778th Sq.). Bob has contributed the copies made available here and has generously given me permission to offer these .pdf newsletter files for free download to those of you who are interested in reading them.

     Please note: These electronic transcripts of the newsletters are the result of Bob's efforts. He has spent many hours requesting, then preparing, this data for the website.
     Please do not redistribute any of the newsletter files without permission.

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