[Graphic] Snapshots from the 464th Bombardment Group.
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A 464th BG in WWII Photo Gallery

From Maxwell

[Photo] Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. From Greg Krenzelok
   While on a family trip to Hanceville, Alabama, I had an opportunity to stop at Maxwell Air Force Base. I was ecstatic that I was being handed the opportunity to do a bit of research.
   There I was, at the base, doing something that I thought I would never get a chance to do. I only had two hours and that wasn’t much time. I walked into the Air Force Historical Research Agency Building (AFHRA) and I thought I was in Heaven.
   The people at the agency were very nice. They showed me the microfilm on the 464th BG. I asked if they had the original paperwork for the 464th BG there and they said yes, but that generally they don't allow the public to handle them. I begged and pleaded with them to be allowed to see the documents, they finally said "OK."
   The files were kept upstairs and it took about 15 minute for them to be brought down to me on a cart. There were three boxes of 464th records. I couldn't believe what was in front of me. When they told me that I could go through the documents I was dumbfounded. I can’t even begin to tell you about the feelings that were going through me.
   All the 464th’s newspapers were in there...and so much more. I started finding pictures that I had never seen before anywhere. I asked if the paperwork and the pictures could be scanned. I got a little bolder than usual (for me) and asked if they could scan maybe a picture or two.
    I felt like I got the long face from them, but they did agree. I kept finding pictures that I just had to have and before I knew it there were 18 pictures being scanned.
    They started pulling back on the reins and I knew I had reached the limit. They put the scans on a CD, with a great label, marked the 464th Bomb Group. They let me take a picture of the boxes of records, which they were not too excited about either. Well, now it's on film, though it was a little while before I got it back.
    I had a little time to look at the Microfilm. I copied the first citation and then I found a roster of the Master Sergeants. There was my Uncle’s name - Master Sergeant Joseph Krenzelok very close by was Master Sergeant John Graham’s name. I just couldn’t believe it all!
    My time was too quickly up. I asked for everyone’s names that were so kind as to help me (us). Out the door I walked, completely dumbfounded once again about what had taken place. There weren’t as many photos as I had hoped there would be but all the bomb strike photos and pictures of the HQ personnel were there.
    I went through everything there pretty fast. The documentation was bundled together by month and year.
    I'd like to give a special "thank you," as well as credit to the Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA); to Robert Brown - I think he was upstairs where the original folders were kept; to Sylvester Jackson, Ruan Rackley and Grady Simpson for helping to make that day a memorable experience.
    It was very exciting to have the opportunity to see those 464th records in person.
   These are copies of some of the scans that I brought back from Maxwell. Click on the thumbnail image to open a larger version in a new window. Close that window to return to this page.

[Photo] The 776th Squadron Dispensary.
The 776th Sq. Dispensary

[Photo] The 777th Squadron Dispensary.
The 777th Sq. Dispensary

[Photo] The 778th Squadron Dispensary.
The 778th Sq. Dispensary

[Photo] The 779th Squadron Dispensary.
The 779th Sq. Dispensary

[Photo] Interrogation - New briefing room.
Interrogation - New briefing room.

[Photo] Interrogation - Time, Place, Altitude.
Interrogation - Time, Place, Altitude.

[Photo] Interior Enlisted Men's Service Club of the 778th Bombardment Squadron (H).
778th Enlisted Men's Club.

[Photo] Interior Enlisted Men's Service Club of the 776th Bombardment Squadron (H)..
776th Enlisted Men's Club.

[Photo] Gunners Kredl, Unger and Kuester of the 779th Squadron express their feeling upon completion of their fiftieth mission.
779 Gunners celebrate 50th mission.
[Photo] Utopia Briefing Room, flanked by S-1, S-2, S-3 and Commanding Officer's Headquarters. Hope it's completed before the war is over.
Utopia Briefing Room.

[Photo] Building Boom. Enlisted men's houses going up on Base.
Enlisted men's housing.

[Photo] S/Sgt. Joe Louis World's Heavyweight Champion visits the 464th and 465th Groups.
Champ S/Sgt. Joe Louis visits.

[Photo] BEFORE - More orchard, moles, ants - Future home of the 777th Sq.

[Photo] AFTER - Our hill again - air field in the background.

[Photo] 464th and 465th Runways. Our hardstands on the left, looking west.
464th and 465th Runways.

[Photo] Pantanella Air Base, with 464th and 465th camps in the background. Looking south.
Pantanella Air Base
[Photo] Our Hill. Where soft Italian breezes blow - - a gale. Looking south.
Our Hill, looking south.
[Photo] Hardstands and runway. Looking west.
Hardstands and runway, looking west.

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