[Graphic] Snapshots from the 464th Bombardment Group.
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A 464th BG in WWII Photo Gallery

The 464th in 2002, page 1

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(* Associate or widow.)

[Photo] The 464th's 776th Squadron in 2002
The 776th Squadron
Ankey, Elton; Bailey, Kenneth; Blossom, Wilbur; Bond, Harold; Bronstein, Harvey; Coleman, Laverne; Cook, Bill; Davis, Simon; Fauber, Neel; Furnare, Joe; Gordon, Jim; Grochowski , Edmund; Hasselhan, Matthew; Hunt, Kenneth; Jenkins, Hobart; Karle, Henry*; Kuzmak, Walter; Larue, John; Leverett, Virgil; Marisca, Rudy; Mattice, Arden; McCoulskey, Norman; Monacelli, Thomas; Mumaw, Jim; Ollikainen, Ollie; Patrino, Anthony; Plagge, Robert; Pleasant, Earl; Porteous, Walt; Preller, Dave; Preston, Charles; Ramsey, Frank; Saavedra, Didio; Schneider, Tony; Steppan, Hans*; Stricker, Roy; Tate, Donald; Theill, Joseph; Waggoner, Sharon; Younger, Ken and Ziehm, Werner.

[Photo] The 464th's 777th Squadron in 2002
The 777th Squadron
Agee, Charles; Aubrey, Edward; Bator, Ted; Bridges, Jack; Callahan, Clifton; Carter, Bob; Chiodo, Louis; Claeys, Joe*; Cope, Charles; Deck, Lawrence; Drollinger, Howard; Ellenhorn, Sy; Freeman, Walter; Garner, Leslie; George, Laurian; Hayes, Harold; Holland, Darrel; Holzapfel, Jack; Kennedy, Jim; Kerns, Mark*; Lambert, Douglas; Lavoric, Marie*; Lory, Jerome; MacClemmy, Ralph; Michels, Alex; Mitchell, Irl; Patterson, Willard; Petrolino, Dominick; Platt, Sarah*; Potts, Tom; Ken Richardt; Roberts, Wallace; Roessler, Louis; Scroggins, Ken; Shier, Gene; Simon, Bernd; Stai, Perry; Storm, Roger; Walker, Karl and Wells, Bill.

[Photo] The 464th's 778th Squadron in 2002
The 778th Squadron
Ashwill, Nelson; Barnes, Frank; Borg, Ray; Boyer, Warren; Cerilli, Vince; Corr, Jim; Edelstein, Mel; Fitzpatrick, John; Flatley, Bernie; Ford, Herschel; Fort, George; Franesconi, Jim; Gingerich, John; Harden, Bob; Haverkos, Bob; Hayworth, Jim; Hoch, Frank; Hodges, George; Hoskinson, Robert; Hubbard, George; Hurley, Patrick; Krynovich, George; Layne, Williard; McConnell, Tom; Oliphant, Ward; Rawlings, Art; Ringel, Bob; Rucigay, John; Silkwood, Bill; Simon, Wilbur; Smith, Richard; Spankowski, Dan; Takes, Donald; Tomlinson, John; John; Velten, Richard*; Veltin, Robert; Walker, David and Willcox, Puett.

[Photo] The 464th's 779th Squadron in 2002
The 779th Squadron
Binger, Roderick; Burt, Wally; Byrnes, Tom; Ciprian, Charles; Davis, Bill; Douglas, Louis; Fowler, Robert; Grcevic, Joseph; Heap, Jim; Kelly, Clifford; Klika, John; Kofke, Esgard; Kolenic, Andrew; LeBlanc, Louis; Maronpot, Raymond; Marsh, John; Mundinger, Henry; Nelson, Marvin; Prewitt, Tom; Riggs, Fred; Rozen, Morris; Sanders, Rob*; Sorenson, Harold; Stanton, Fred; Vinet, Champ and Wingfield, Robert.

More 2002 reunion photos - Page 2, Page 3

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